Wednesday, December 29, 2010

too much cheese makes it hard to poo.

last night was amazing. i got downtown, and this short little Chinese lady wont stop asking me about my handbag. (my honey pot.) i honestly thought she was going to jump me for it. she was so adorable. we made our way down to 16th street mall, and jumped on the free mall ride. stopped at mcdonalds and got a huge fat soda for my stupid daily headache. how is it that i can have a headache every day of my life. i remember when i was little, i had baby asprin that my ma sent to school with me, and had it kept in the office, cause of my daily headaches. i think something may be terribly wrong with me. maybe its all in my head?????

we jumped on the 0 bus, and made our way down broadway, to the goodwill. the hunt was on. racks of clothes, overflowing. and over abundance of unnecessary clothes! but not a single vest in sight! whats wrong with this city! either A: no man is willing to give up their vest for my roberto. or B: vests are pretty hip right now, and theyre all snatched up before we get there. whatever it is, im getting mad! i want him to find some. he wants to sport his pocket watch. grrrr!

im just going to go ahead and say this....i fell in love last night. with a thrift store. the name is pretty awful...Boss Vintage. but when i walked in, i knew i was home. it looked, SMELLED, like a vintage store should. just like an old house. an attic, a basement. the colors. THE COLORS! i was in heaven. it was rather expensive; rob found an AMAZING vest that i kept telling him to buy, but it was $24. she had roller skates, slips, ruffle panties that you stick over your real panties so theyre not seen. oh my good sense! the cutest handbags and jewelry. rob kept finding adorable dresses for me to look at. i asked the lady if she was hiring. but she said that shes already overstaffed. but she told me to turn in my resume. oh my goodness. she told me twice. (please lady, love me so.) i was seriously in heaven. i had to leave. :(

we jumped back on the bus and made our way downtown to La Fondue. holy smokes. can you say AMAZING GRACE? that place, that food! my gosh! the cheese, i thought i was going to pass out. rob and i were both so stuffed, but we couldnt stop eating it! im not kidding! watching her whip that fondue up, right in front of our eyes. it was awesome. the little pieces of bread. the apple, so crisp and delicious, and green! the veggies. yum! we just couldnt stop. then came our meal. we were already so full to the brim, how were we to make room for the actual DINER? we managed. i got the veggie plate, and rob got the chicken. i had to cook all of mine first. it was so interesting. asparagus. the biggest, fattest, asparagus i have ever seen. so, i tried it. and well, i dont like it. i think my pee might smell funny now. and artichoke hearts. YIKES! who wouldve ever thought to eat those??? how scary! but there was green beans, and mushrooms, and sweet potatoes. hi mom. i really enjoyed it. a lot. rob had to cook his chicken in the water for three minutes. how can three minutes in boiling water be enough to cook chicken through? i was really nervous that it was going to be undercooked and he was going to be puking all dang night long. but alas, he survived. his belly was full. and there was no room for desert. booooooo. i wanted chocolate fondue. but i wouldve puked right there and then.

my date night was a success. i got to hang out with the man i love. and eat lots of delicious yummy food. and maybe, just maybe, i found my dream job...until further notice.

from denver, with love.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On a mission for vests, nests, and a la fondue!

so here it begins, an online journal, for my thoughts? yes, it would appear that writing with those pens tends to make my hand cramp up, and i think this will help me with my racing thoughts. tonight, i am to dress up in my adorable black shirt-waist-dress with white polka dots, that my dashing Roberto bought me for present day. he says its oh so cold out, but i want to wear it! so bad!!!! i will meet him downtown, and we will travel all over to find him the perfect vest for his perfect pocket watch that i bought him for, for what? for present day! i hope we find one. then off to la fondue! im so excited. CHEESE! yum!

so here it is, my first.
untill we meet again...

from denver, with love.