Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On a mission for vests, nests, and a la fondue!

so here it begins, an online journal, for my thoughts? yes, it would appear that writing with those pens tends to make my hand cramp up, and i think this will help me with my racing thoughts. tonight, i am to dress up in my adorable black shirt-waist-dress with white polka dots, that my dashing Roberto bought me for present day. he says its oh so cold out, but i want to wear it! so bad!!!! i will meet him downtown, and we will travel all over to find him the perfect vest for his perfect pocket watch that i bought him for, for what? for present day! i hope we find one. then off to la fondue! im so excited. CHEESE! yum!

so here it is, my first.
untill we meet again...

from denver, with love.

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